Master of Reception

Here’s a cool new show on the Discovery channel to check out next week:

-Bob & Krista

Just opened the mail and got a wonderful ‘Thank You’ note from one of our awesome clients!

Bob & Krista-
We wanted to thank you for all your hard work. You were far & away our best wedding vendor. We can tell how much you care about your work in all the extra attention that made us feel so special. We will be recommending you to all our friends & family. Thanks so much for giving us a lifetime of memories!

B & R

Bob and I had such a nice weekend!

Saturday started off meeting Angela and Rob..they are currently planning their June 2010 wedding. We all met up at Panera, had a cup of coffee and got to know them. We hope they decide to book with us, because they would be a great addition to our streak of awesome clients :-) Saturday was, unfortunately, too rainy for Kari and George’s Love Story Interview but, we got that rescheduled (Sorry Kari and George! see you guys in an few weeks )

Luckily on Sunday the weather did cooperate and we did a late evening Love Story Interview with Stephanie and Dave. We just LOVED spending some time with them, and you know when you can’t stop laughing…you’re having a blast! After our shoot we all headed out after for dinner and laughed MORE (but this time it was at our goofy waiter, Ryan…thanks for keeping the kitchen open for us!) Stephanie and Dave are really laid back and were great to work with. Here’s a few photos I shot of them while bob was shooting video of them.  Enjoy :-)

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

-Bob & Krista

Here’s a fun viral wedding ceremony video that’s been making it’s way around the internet…Man, would we love to have a client do this. Enjoy! :-)


-Bob & Krista

Come visit our booth at the Today’s Bride Akron/Canton Show @ the Sheraton Suites on Sunday, Oct. 18th, 09.


-Bob & Krista

So here are the details of our new referral program-’Thank You Hug$’. When one of our clients refers us to another client who books their wedding/event with us…both will get a ‘Thank You hug$’ from Bob and Krista. (not real hugs, but if want one of those too-you got it!)

We’ll give our referring client a $50 gift card, and to our new referral a $50 discount off their wedding/special event package if they book with us. How does that sound? So to any of our clients, make sure your referrals mention your name. Your name = Thank You Hug$! If you think about it… a few referral gift cards and you can have a great shopping spree!

-Your Thank You hug$ are waiting!

Bob & Krista
(referral program subject to change without notice. Contact Krista/Bob for official details.)

Yesterday we shot Erica and Tony’s Love Story Interview. We had a great time hanging out with them, and getting to know them better. They are both fun and like to joke around which is good because Bob and I are always joking around. They were great to work with, and willing to take some time to find good locations so we could get some great B-roll of them in the Kendall Cliffs area…it’s so pretty there and we all had a good time!

Thanks Erica and Tony, can’t wait to see you guys in September for the wedding!


-Bob & Krista

Friday was fun time, because finally got a chance to sit down and meet our Aug. 8 couple, Jenny and Damon…and Damon’s super cool sister Nicole. Booking their wedding was unique because Nicole actually booked us for Jenny and Damon’s wedding, as their wedding gift. Isn’t that such a cool idea? So since I had been communicating with Nicole we really wanted to get the chance to meet Jenny and Damon. Bob and I feel it’s important to meet all our couples so that the day of the wedding they know who we are and are comfortable with us. So luckily Jenny, Damon and Nicole were all going to be in town for a bridal shower and we met up, had a few drinks and a great time getting to know them. Sounds like their wedding is going to be gorgeous, can’t wait! Plus we’ll be working with our cool photog friend Elizabeth Pruitt and we’re looking forward to rockin’ out Jenny and Damon’s wedding photography and video together.

After speaking with Jenny and Nicole they had some great feedback and it got me thinking….we need to come up with a referral program. See this link to the Thank You Hug$ Referral Program!

-Bob & Krista

Hello Bride-to-Be!
We understand with the crummy economy and smaller wedding budgets it’s hard to fit all the things you want in..but we think you should consider adding videography to your wedding day :-)

We’ve heard many friends say that they wish they had hired videographers to document their special wedding day! That day literally flies by for the bride and groom because your sooooo busy and this is your way of reliving it and catching all the things you might of missed, plus it’s a great keepsake to watch years from now when your kids ask “Mom, what was your wedding like?”

Bob and I truly enjoy meeting and spending time with all our couples and forming friendships. We feel it’s important for you to choose a videographer that you feel comfortable with and that has a style you like. Our style is unique and is a cinematography approach to wedding videography…we are telling your wedding day story. Many times the misconception is that videographers are going to show up, put the camera on a tripod and just hang out in the corner, but that’s not our style. We interact a lot with you through-out your wedding day and get all the special shots you’ll have as stills in your photo album. We will capture your wedding ceremony and reception, but also many of the details that make a wedding day special…You putting on her wedding dress, table settings, flowers, rings, programs, cake….etc. We work side-by-side with the photographer and as they are shooting photos we are shooting video. We appreciate a photographer that understands the modern cinematographic style that wedding videography has become and is willing to work with us to give you the best product possible!

We currently have availability in November, December and January…so drop us a line and let us book your winter wedding! We’re also starting to book up for 2010 so if you’re planning ahead we’d love to hear from you! (p.s. our 25% discount won’t be available for much longer)

• August 15 & 29
• September 26
• October 10 & 31
• November
• December
• January

Drop us an email or give us a call, we’d love to hear from you! :-)

-Bob & Krista

If you have any issues with the video files not playing smoothly, hit the play button, then immediately hit the pause button and let the file load up for a few minutes.

If that doesn’t completely help, then click the ‘HD IS ON’ button to OFF…then it’ll play like a charm :-)