Lisa & Mike

We met up with Lisa and Mike yesterday evening at McKinley Monument Park in Canton…it was a gorgeous evening and we had such a nice time getting to know them. They are a cool, laid back couple, and we all got along well :-)

Bob and I love shooting the ‘Love Story’ Interviews! (that’s lots of LOVE) They give us an opportunity to talk with our clients, get to know them, and they feel more comfortable with us. Plus, they always come out so nice and are really a perfect addition to the wedding day videos :-)

Thanks Lisa & Mike!


If your trying to decide if you’d like to add videography to your wedding day…hmmm, well we think you should! The day flies by sooooo fast and you don’t get to see everything that happened, but we can make that possible. If you do decide you’d like us to be there to document your day, here’s some upcoming dates we are available:

• June 27
• July 18 & 25
• August 1st & 15
• October 10

Drop us an email or give us a call, we’d love to hear from you! :-)

-Bob & Krista

I Just talked with our June 13th bride and found out her wedding is going to be featured in Today’s Bride Magazine! How cool is that :-)

I’ll keep you posted!

-Bob & Krista

Today we donated videography and photography services to the Private Heath Warner Memorial Day Run in Canton, Ohio.

This was our way of paying it forward. Thank you to all the brave men and women of our military fighting each day to keep us safe, and free. We also remember and honor the loved ones lost…you all are forever our heroes!

See more photos from the event here!


(Photo of Scott and Melissa Warner-Organizers and Parents of Heath Warner)

-Bob & Krista

Focus On You Video tied for 3rd Place in the Best of 2009 Akron/Canton Hot List for Wedding Videographers!
Thanks for all your votes/reviews, we appreciate it! :-)

Best of 2009 Akron/Canton Hot List-Wedding Videographers

-Bob & Krista

Thanks Melissa and Keric, we had a great time and your wedding was a blast. The dancing, flying money and plate breaking was a good time! Hope you guys have a wonderful honeymoon. Best Wishes :-)


Also glad you liked the programs I designed :-)


-Bob & Krista

We shot Amy and Jeremy’s Love Story interview today, and we all just had so much fun. They are 2 great people with wonderful spirits! Can’t wait for their wedding in a few weeks :-) (plus the 19 pc swing band at the reception is going to be sooooo cool!)

-Bob & Krista


A wonderful ‘Thank You’ email we got from Pam & Jon while on their honeymoon:

“You guys are awesome and I want to make sure you know we appreciate all you have done for us. Bumping into you guys at the bridal show is one of the best things that could have happened to us. People were literally blown away by the love interview at the brunch and happy tears flowed. The video really captured us and we will always be grateful for that. We also saw all the extra care you put in for capturing all the little details on the wedding day. I know I was sweating at the reception so I feel for Bob especially. Thanks for sticking it out with us until the end.”

[vimeo w=500&h=350]

-Bob & Krista

Featured photos courtesy of Linczak Photography

Here’s a great photo of us shooting at Vanessa and Todd’s wedding. Thanks for the photo Lisa! Photo courtesy of Lisa Christine Photography

Bob & Krista shooting Mason Wedding-blog

Here’s a few photos of us shooting at Rachel and Brian’s wedding. Thanks for the photos Liz! Photo courtesy of Liz Haas Photography

bob krista


Bob shooting video at the Heath Warner Memorial Run


-Bob & Krista