A Glowing Review

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Just got a wonderful email this week from Sheila & Bob. These emails make our business so worth it and make me tear up a little because I’m so happy we could be there to help create such a special memory for them.

(We will be posting their wedding video soon)



“Bob & Krista,
Thank you a million times over for the beautiful work you did on our wedding video!…Our families loved it as well. I think my mom has watched it more than us! And my nephew (our ring-bearer) blushes every time he sees himself on screen…so cute!

I really can’t thank you enough. You totally “got us” – which was evident from the second we put the DVD in and bagpipes were playing “Auld lang syne” on the menu screen. Bob was pumped with the music selections, and he can be hard to please in that area. I was so impressed with how beautiful the video looked… all those small winter details you were able to capture, and the amazing editing. But mostly – all the things you caught that we didn’t see – the ring-bearer and flower girl playing together, our moms gushing after the ceremony, and our friend balancing a beer can on top of his head while dancing!

It truly is priceless! I was reluctant to spend money on a video, and after some prodding from people, decided to go for it. It was the BEST wedding investment we made. Now I can’t even imagine not having this to look at for years to come. The day can go by in such a haze, and there is so much you can miss – the video was a necessity for sure! We’re so happy we found the two of you to help document the memories from the best day of our lives!”

-Sheila & Bob

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