The tricky bit about raw footage

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Raw footage is something we get asked about from time to time, and I always feel a little bad telling people that we don’t offer the raw footage in our package.  Some people are disappointed by that.  But we have a really good reason for not offering that footage: it isn’t something you’ll want to watch.  If you’re looking for that fleeting glimpse of your Great Aunt as she eats her cherished slice of wedding cake, it may or not be in the raw footage. You can rest assured though, that if I have a really cute shot of your Great Aunt, it will be in the final edit.  And if there are special people or things that you know you want in your video, just let us know, and we’ll shoot it.  We’ve been hired by you, to shoot for you!

For a typical wedding, we shoot anywhere from six to ten hours of footage.  We’ll usually edit that down to a 30 minute highlight video of your entire day.  This works out to about the same balance for motion pictures.  It takes four to six months to shoot a standard 90 minute film.  A lot of that raw footage gets thrown out for the sake of keeping the story and the pace moving so that you don’t get bored watching the movie.  We look at our edits the same way.  We want it to be a retelling of your wedding day, but we also want it to be something you’ll show your family 20, 30, or even 50 years from now.  If it’s boring, then you won’t want to watch it again, and that’s the last thing we want.

So we really look at it like the raw footage is just that, raw.  If it’s a good shot, then we’ll get it into the edit.  After all, that’s what we’re there for.  We’ll get the shots that will make your wedding story great.  And watching shots of the floor, trying to focus, or seven attempts to get the perfect cake shot just won’t be entertaining to watch.  We’d hate to charge you extra just to sit through shots that should be on the cutting room floor.


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