Hiring your videographer separate from your photographer does work!

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If you’re hiring your videographer and photographer from separate companies, you shouldn’t have to worry.  If both crews are professional, then they should be up to speed and working together, even if they haven’t met before.  We did that quite a bit in 2009 and it always was a blast to meet new professionals and see how well we work together.  Our shooting style is very different from most videographers.  Since we shoot with a Steadicam, we can REALLY get into the action.  Once we chat with your photographer about our style, we get all the details worked out and we’re ready to go.  I always joke that we’ll dance all day with the photo crew to get in there and get the great shots that should be part of your video.  Photographers are doing more and more unique work these days and we love to do the same.  Just because we don’t work for the same company shouldn’t influence your decision.  We pride ourselves on being courteous and friendly with other vendors on your wedding day.  In fact, we’ve formed great friendships with many of the photographers we’ve met and worked with.

Bob & Krista

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