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Hello Bride-to-Be!
We understand with the crummy economy and smaller wedding budgets it’s hard to fit all the things you want in..but we think you should consider adding videography to your wedding day :-)

We’ve heard many friends say that they wish they had hired videographers to document their special wedding day! That day literally flies by for the bride and groom because your sooooo busy and this is your way of reliving it and catching all the things you might of missed, plus it’s a great keepsake to watch years from now when your kids ask “Mom, what was your wedding like?”

Bob and I truly enjoy meeting and spending time with all our couples and forming friendships. We feel it’s important for you to choose a videographer that you feel comfortable with and that has a style you like. Our style is unique and is a cinematography approach to wedding videography…we are telling your wedding day story. Many times the misconception is that videographers are going to show up, put the camera on a tripod and just hang out in the corner, but that’s not our style. We interact a lot with you through-out your wedding day and get all the special shots you’ll have as stills in your photo album. We will capture your wedding ceremony and reception, but also many of the details that make a wedding day special…You putting on her wedding dress, table settings, flowers, rings, programs, cake….etc. We work side-by-side with the photographer and as they are shooting photos we are shooting video. We appreciate a photographer that understands the modern cinematographic style that wedding videography has become and is willing to work with us to give you the best product possible!

We currently have availability in November, December and January…so drop us a line and let us book your winter wedding! We’re also starting to book up for 2010 so if you’re planning ahead we’d love to hear from you! (p.s. our 25% discount won’t be available for much longer)

• August 15 & 29
• September 26
• October 10 & 31
• November
• December
• January

Drop us an email or give us a call, we’d love to hear from you! :-)

-Bob & Krista

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